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Jan 24, 2024

Jufeng chooses i4F drop-lock and AquaProtect technologies as core differentiators to enter laminate flooring market

  • Jufeng signs two i4F license agreements
  • i4F technologies deliver easy installation and enhanced water-resistance on laminate
  • Mass production to begin in Q1-2024

BOOTH #1147, SURFACES, LAS VEGAS, USA – i4F®, a group of companies providing patents and technologies to the flooring industry, today announced that Jufeng (Vietnam Jufeng New Materials Co., Ltd.) has signed two i4F license agreements for use of i4F technologies on its laminate flooring. Jufeng selected i4F’s drop-lock technologies for faster and easier installation as well as AquaProtect – i4F’s highly advanced water-resistant process technology for laminate. These new agreements are playing a major role in the implementation of Jufeng’s strategy to launch its laminate flooring as a mass market offering.

Jufeng, based in Vietnam is a major manufacturer of modular flooring products, the laminate market. Mass production is planned to start in Q1 2024.

Used by the world’s biggest flooring manufacturers, on billions of square feet of flooring each year, i4F drop-lock technologies deliver the world’s best and easiest water-resistant flooring installation systems. 30% faster to install than traditional angle/angle, i4F drop-lock technologies are suitable for existing high speed production. They also eliminate the need for inserts meaning faster installation, lower costs, fewer materials and a lower carbon footprint.

i4F AquaProtect is a high-precision, resource-saving impregnation technology protecting laminate-core HDF boards from water swell by up to 75%, thus increasing dramatically overall water-resistance. The technology applies a hydrophobic impregnation agent, avoiding unnecessary overspray, and seals the joint edges of both V-grooved and non-V-grooved laminate panels.

Mr. Fang Qing Hua, General Manager of Jufeng, says “Jufeng is boldly embracing the future of laminate flooring by selecting i4F’s drop-lock and AquaProtect technologies as pivotal differentiators. i4F’s advanced impregnation technology is a game-changer as it sets a new standard for laminate flooring by addressing a common concern—water damage!

With this technology, our laminate products will be easy to install and provide exceptional resistance to water swell. Jufeng already manages some of the world’s largest bamboo, WPC and SPC flooring factories, and now we are on our way to running one of the largest laminate manufacturing locations in the industry today.”

John Rietveldt, i4F’s CEO, adds “We are delighted to welcome Jufeng into the world of i4F! Our pioneering drop-lock installation solutions, coupled with AquaProtect’s unparalleled defense against water swelling, reaffirm laminate’s resurgence into the mainstream market.”

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