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Sustainable material savings are good for the industry – and our planet. i4F licenses manufacturing processes that help the global flooring industry achieve its sustainability and cost management goals.


Protecting our planet and reducing costs

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Sustainable savings and unbeelievably light

Heard the buzz about i4F Be-Lite® technology? Making incredibly light SPC panels the sustainable way reduces the use of total core materials by up to a whopping 20%. It also cuts transport costs by at least 6% and saves CO2 at every stage of a panel’s journey, from factory to installation.
Bee kinder to the planet with i4F Be-Lite®.

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A barrier against glue, ink & claims

This manufacturing process helps prevent glue and ink marks penetrating through to the surface of vinyl flooring. Which also helps to stop costly financial claims, post installation.

Liquid Laminate Technology (LLT) Light

LLT is a patented chemical process that makes the production of high-quality melamine surfaces on laminate floorboards very cost effective. LLT “Light” is specifically designed to meet the needs of customers and the increasing amounts of Embossed-in-Register textures.

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i4F’s patented technology helps manufacturers save up to 15% percent on materials in the production of rigid polymer boards. The technology enhances productivity by optimizing the extrusion process during production and includes expanded polymer core (EPC) and solid polymer core (SPC) panels.

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