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Transforming connections for the better

At i4F, we develop patented technologies that are revolutionizing the flooring industry, and beyond. By transforming connections, we are bettering the environments in which people live, work and play.


Why we do what we do

We believe that even the smallest innovations have the potential to transform not just products, but the lives of the people that use them. It’s why we own and represent thousands of patents and technologies. And it’s why we continue to develop more, both independently and with our partners.


To challenge and improve everything in our world.


To enhance where people live, work and play with ingenious technologies, from the floor upwards.


To continually revolutionize flooring, and beyond, through technological excellence, meaningful innovation and human partnerships.


Our consultative approach

When it comes to business relationships, we’re a breath of fresh air. Our customers are our partners. And through our partnerships we work, innovate and succeed together

Our people

We’re a group of special people – experts, specialists, dreamers and doers. We’re entrepreneurs at heart, with a shared passion for meaningful innovation.

Our technical excellence

Big or small, we challenge everything in our quest for continuous improvement. Through detail, precision and market expertise, we’ll find a way to solve any problem.

Our culture

This is more than work. It’s a family. Everyone is committed to helping one another. To achieving clearly defined, shared goals. We’re on a journey together, creating our own path. And we make sure we enjoy the ride.

Your needs

We don’t limit the way you work; we enable it. i4F offers licensees unprecedented freedom of choice by offering more options to select the patents, or groups of patents, that best meet the needs of the businesses.

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