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Dec 17, 2021

New Hymmen Digital Printing patents granted in the US and China extend protection to all main geographies

  • Hymmen digital printing patent protection exclusively available via an i4F license
  • Patents US 11141759 B2 and CN 110267813B cover digitally embossed panel surfaces with varying gloss grades

HAMONT, BELGIUM / BIELEFELD, GERMANY – i4F® and Hymmen today announced that new Hymmen patents relating to digital embossing have been granted in the United States and China. US patent 11141759 B2 and Chinese patent CN110267813B cover methods for digitally embossing panel surfaces with varying gloss grades. Both new patents are exclusively available via an i4F license. These freshly granted Chinese and US patents provide further protection for Hymmen’s state-of-the-art digital embossing technologies on any type of panel material.

With immediate effect, both patents are added to i4F’s Digital Printing Technologies Cluster offering the world’s most advanced digital printing and digital embossing technologies. i4F’s patent portfolio covers all the world’s relevant jurisdictions – including the US, Europe as well as China – and is one of, if not the, most comprehensive digital printing patent portfolio for flooring on offer today.

The strategic partnership with Hymmen gives i4F exclusive licensing rights for all Hymmen’s digital printing patents and technologies for flooring production, including Hymmen’s award winning Digital Lacquer Embossing Plus (DLE+) technology. In addition to its exclusive licensing rights, i4F works in close collaboration with Hymmen to promote new digital printing opportunities in the flooring industry and represents Hymmen on patent protection related issues. 

René Pankoke, Managing Partner of Hymmen, says, “Historically, Hymmen has maintained a strong IP position and the granting of these two new patents reinforces that even further. Digital printing continues to ramp-up as it will play a crucial role in the future of modular flooring. These new technologies offer manufacturers unlimited design and embossing-in-register flexibility on a wide range of materials.”

i4F’s CEO, John Rietveldt, adds, “These latest US and China patents further confirms the strength of i4F’s licensable portfolio of digital printing and digital embossing patents. Accessibility to these unique technologies is only available via an i4F license offering solid patent protection in all important geographies.”

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