Bringing the industry together for change


i4F is an innovations group focused on the development of patents and technologies for the flooring industry. i4F supports the global Flooring industry by licensing cutting-edge technologies in the areas of locking, materials and panel composition, board and wall panels, surface finishing, digital printing and manufacturing processes. 

The company’s goal is to revolutionize the global flooring industry through freedom of choice and game changing innovations offered at a reasonable fee compared to the total manufacturing cost price of products.

i4F is the original creator and provider of a truly innovative one piece drop-lock solution, protected by a sound international patent portfolio. Its system is based on a threefold locking mechanism and is suitable for all materials including laminate, luxury vinyl tiles, expanded polymer core, solid polymer core and wooden flooring panels.

The strengths of i4F

Highly experienced team

The i4F team consists of highly experienced international flooring industry professionals with backgrounds in leading global flooring companies as well as in the areas of R&D and patent processes.

Get the best

Our system is fast becoming the industry standard as it offers very easy installation for installers and consumers as well as provides the industry a quicker, more cost-effective way to manufacture sustainable solutions. Tried and tested over the last years by the world’s leading global flooring manufacturers, no other one-piece drop lock solution has undergone such breadth of testing to offer a superior installation system across all types of flooring.


Patented Technology

International patents and patent applications for i4F’s technologies have been granted and filed in over 100 countries worldwide. Non-infringement studies in Europe and the United States, issued by independent groups of IP  attorneys have confirmed their freedom-to-operate strength.

“We have the expertise and people to ensure we continue serving the industry with high quality innovations that will improve their profitability and future growth.”

John Rietveldt | CEO