Game Changers

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i4F seeks out and markets exciting innovations that have a profound impact on today’s global flooring landscape by making a positive difference to everyday life.

Natural harmony with breakthrough MgO wood veneer board

A breakthrough magnesium oxide (MgO), veneer board that resolves virtually all the disadvantages currently associated with natural wood flooring by reducing moisture intake and flammability on any floor level or room type. The sound absorbing board provides a stone-wood composite base that keeps the wood veneer level dry and heat resistant by substantially retaining moisture and heat within the stone-wood base. As a result, the board can be used in any room and is particularly suited to those prone to high levels of heat and humidity like wet rooms, kitchens and greenhouses as well as on all floor levels, even basements. The new board is also environmentally-friendly as it uses less wood and eliminates the need for any sub-flooring.

Safety first with static-control, dissipative flooring

High-performance static dissipative and static conductive flooring solution designed to keep sensitive, high traffic environments, including operating theatres, computer rooms and electronics safe. These solutions are highly resistant and easy to maintain.

“We think it’s about time global flooring industry players were offered more choice and transparency when it comes to patented innovations.”

John Rietveldt | CEO