Liquid Laminate Technology


Liquid Laminate Technology is a chemical process for the cost-effective production of high quality melamine surfaces on laminate floor boards. A “Light” version of LLT was created to meet customer needs and the increasing amounts of Embossed-in-Register textures.

LLT “Light” delivers significant costs savings through the use of less raw materials (paper, resin and melamine) and a sustainable production process.

Less Waste
Typically, laminate producers offer hundreds of different decors to meet the needs of their customers. This, however, often results in significant amounts of waste as impregnated paper only keeps for short periods of time. LLT “Light“ avoids unnecessary waste by using dry, easily storable decor paper rolls that can be kept without any time limits. Exact quantities can be easily extracted from the dry paper rolls as needed, leaving the remaining amount rolled up, stored and intact for future use.

Lighter decor paper = reduction in resin and chemicals
With LLT “Light“, decor paper does not have to be fully soaked with resin and so the paper can be thinner and lighter. And significantly less chemicals are needed for the LLT in-line impregnation compared to the conventional process.

Watch the video of this new technology

Liquid Laminate Technology “Light”


• Cost Savings:
– Less raw material waste
– Sustainable production process

• No unwanted paper growth:
– Superior optic and haptic alignment
– Perfect for Embossed-in-Register texture

Unrivalled optics and haptics

With LLT “Light“, dry decor paper is fixed on to the HDF board before in-line liquid treatment, so problematic paper growth – typically unavoidable using impregnated décor paper during pressing in a conventional process – is eliminated. This enables an unmatched level of accuracy for superior optic and haptic alignments.

This is a must for quality-driven producers of modern, state-of-the-art laminate products and synchronized decors or Embossed-in-Register (EiR) textures.

“These great technologies are exciting examples of how our strategic partnerships are accelerating accessibility to exciting innovations designed to help the flooring industry tap into new growth opportunities and make cost savings through the use of highly efficient production processes.”

John Rietveldt | CEO