Easiest is best 

The world’s easiest and best flooring installation systems


3L TripleLock and Click4U are leading global technologies providing unique drop-lock installation systems for flooring panels that eliminate the need for an additional insert on the short side.

Installation Multi Layer PVC board – using a soft-faced hammer

Installation Laminate – using your hands

How to install 3L TripleLock & Click4U

3L TripleLock®

3L Triplelock – The “original” one piece drop-lock system
3L TripleLock is the easiest and fastest system for flooring installation on the market. There are no inserts needed like other fold-down systems. The elimination of the additional insert on the short side provides manufacturers with the possibility to improve productivity levels as well as to reduce their costs and carbon footprint. 3L TripleLock is suitable for existing high speed production and has multiple installation benefits: it is up to 30% faster than basic clicks, there’s no squeaking and no special tools are needed for installation.


Click4U – Angle system for the long side, combined with 3L TripleLock on the short side
The Click4U angle system combined with the drop-lock on the short side provides very high locking strength and, just like 3L TripleLock, is suitable for existing high speed production machinery. The system has multiple installation benefits as well. It is fast and easy to install and doesn’t require any special tools.


For manufacturers:

  • Unique one piece drop-lock system for flooring installation
  • Best solution in the industry for the short side
  • No need for additional inserts
  • Strong technical performances
  • Improves productivity levels
  • Suitable for high-speed machines
  • No plastic needed, reducing costs and carbon footprint

For consumers:

  • Meets all EN performance standards
  • Fast and easy to install – up to 30% faster than basic click systems
  • Usable in combination with all long side solutions
  • Ideal for all materials (laminate, luxury vinyl tiles, expanded polymer core, solid polymer core and wooden flooring panels)
  • No special tools needed for installation
  • No squeaking

3L TripleLock & Click4U meet all EN standards

Tried and tested over the last years by the world’s leading global flooring manufacturers, no other one-piece drop lock solution has undergone such breadth of testing to offer a superior flooring installation system across all types of flooring. I4F uses independent and highly regarded institutes for all its product tests. These institutes, such as the German Institute IHD, are well recognized by the flooring industry and have tested the patented designs for locking strength, flatness and gaps.

Proven Performance:
  • Castor Chair test
  • Static Locking test
  • Click Strength test
  • Cupping test
  • Gapping test
  • Vertical Load test

“Our one piece drop-lock system, is fast becoming the industry standard as it offers the industry a quicker, more cost-effective way to manufacture solutions in a sustainable way and installation is so easy, anyone can do it!”

John Rietveldt | CEO