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Jan 8, 2024

i4F ClikDek: Make your decking easy to install for all

Industry experts say our smart-fixing click technology, that makes decking so easy to install, is the best system available. We’re
pretty sure all your customers agree.

i4F ClikDek® is i4F’s new smart-fixing decking technology, delivering easy, click-into-place installation that’s three times as fast to place as traditional decking installation systems. Our patented smart fixing method has been acknowledged by the industry as the best system available for several good reasons. Installation with i4F ClikDek is 3 times faster and highly flexible, enabling access anytime, anywhere in seconds. Its mechanical locking is strong yet flexible meaning you can always go back, and an invisible profile means low maintenance as the loss of items in between the panels is eliminated.

Want to know more? Visit: i4F ClikDek – I4F

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