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Nov 7, 2023

i4F joins forces with AFT to further reinforce modular flooring installation efficiencies

  • AFT launching dedicated training for i4F drop-lock technologies
  • Program to include face-to-face and digital tutorials

TURNHOUT, BELGIUM – i4F®, a group of companies providing patents and technologies to the flooring industry, today announced a cooperation with AFT (Advanced Flooring Technology) aimed at further enhancing efficiencies linked to the installation of modular flooring featuring i4F drop-lock technologies.

The flooring installer workforce remains a scarce resource meaning that time management and efficiencies are of the essence. As flooring technology and installation experts, i4F and AFT have joined forces to contribute to this industry effort by focusing on training and education. AFT is initiating dedicated training sessions, as well as creating digital content including tutorials and short, ‘how-to’ videos.  The new programs are designed to address frequently asked questions, do’s and don’t’s, as well as provide tips and tricks relating to specific situations, like how to install around door frames, plank replacements, first row alignment techniques, etc.

With no inserts required, i4F’s drop-lock flooring installation technologies are up to 30% faster to install than basic angle/angle systems. Used on billions of square feet of flooring worldwide, i4F drop-lock technologies enable extremely high locking strength and are suitable for all flooring materials – including SPC, luxury vinyl tiles, expanded polymer core, laminate, and wood – in all formats.

Robert Varden, AFT’s flooring installation veteran and expert, says, “I’ve experienced first-hand the easiness and speed of installation using i4F’s drop-lock. Installers’ knowledge of newer and more efficient systems is critical and doing it right from the beginning will save them even more of their precious time.  We want to bring our expertise and contribution to this simple goal and I’m delighted to engage with i4F on this journey.”

Matthieu Dekens, president of i4F, Inc. adds, “Rigid core flooring is still a relatively new and evolving category, and we regularly hear questions about installation. The installation of i4F drop-lock is different than other systems – that’s what makes it easier and faster to use! This new education program will enhance awareness as well as make laying flooring enhanced with our technologies even easier and faster, to more installers.”

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