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Feb 12, 2024

European Patent and China Intellectual Property Offices grant two new Hymmen digital embossing patents

  • New Hymmen patents cover digital embossing technologies for enhanced optics
  • Extended scope of protection for digital embossing technologies on any panel material
  • All Hymmen technologies exclusively available via an i4F license

TURNHOUT, BLEGIUM – i4F®, a group of companies providing patents and technologies to the flooring industry, today announced that its digital printing technology partner, Hymmen, has received two new patent grants from the European Patent Office as well as the Chinese Intellectual Property Office. Both the European patent (EP3666525) and Chinese patent (CN112188936) cover aspects of Hymmen’s DLE plus as well as competing digital embossing technologies that enhance embossed-in-register optics on decorative flooring and wall panels, in any material.

Exclusively available via an i4F license, the new patents represent valuable additions to i4F’s Digital Printing Technologies cluster covering the world’s most advanced digital printing and digital embossing technologies. i4F’s patent portfolio covering all relevant jurisdictions – including the US, China as well as Europe – offers one of the world’s most comprehensive digital printing patent portfolios for flooring available today.

Digital printing continues to play a pivotal role in the future development of global flooring.  Limitless design possibilities, as well as the flexibility for embossing-in-register, make it applicable to any type of panel, in any material. It also enables faster responsiveness to market demands and trends while contributing to a reduction in material waste and less inventory.

This accelerating development is being demonstrated through the incorporation of i4F Digital Printing Technologies powered by Hymmen into production lines around the world by prominent global flooring manufacturers.  With an i4F digital printing license, Engineered Floors is digitally printing and digitally embossing its new SPC products in the US.  Amorim manufactures millions of cork-based digitally printed and digitally embossed panels in Portugal, and Barlinek’s digital printing SPC production line in Poland recently entered into operation. Digital Printing lines at CFL USA and HMTX are soon to follow.

Dr. René Pankoke, Hymmen’s CEO comments, “These latest grants, once again, validate Hymmen’s unique and leading position in the digital printing for flooring space. We are the only digital printing company 100% focused on the global flooring industry and these patents demonstrate our unmatched expertise in digital embossing technologies by achieving unequalled optics enhancements on any panel, in any material.”

i4F CEO, John Rietveldt, says, “These patent approvals strengthen further the patent portfolio as well as reinforce the novelty and inventiveness of Hymmen’s digital embossing technologies on panels made from any material. i4F digital printing licensees will benefit from these new patents grants by enjoying an even wider scope of protection to use Hymmen’s cutting-edge digital printing technologies.”

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