The more sustainable way to make spc panels

Sustainable savings and unbeelievably light

Heard the buzz about i4F Be-Lite® technology? Making incredibly light SPC panels the sustainable way reduces the use of total core materials by up to a whopping 20%. It also cuts transport costs by up to 6% and saves CO2 at every stage of a panel’s journey, from factory to installation.

Bee prepared to bee impressed

i4F Be-Lite is a new, patented technology that enables a significant reduction in the use of core SPC raw materials during the manufacturing process of decorative panels without compromising on performance. Because SPC panels produced using i4F Be-Lite are significantly lighter, it is a lot less expensive to make and transport them. It significantly improves the flooring industry’s carbon footprint while remaining attractive to manufacturers by also delivering costs savings. That makes a meaningful difference and is truly a win:win for the industry and the planet.

i4F Be-Lite is exclusively available via an i4F license as part of its portfolio of sustainability-focused process technologies. The technology is the result of a patent partnership with CFL Flooring.

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Unbeelievable savings for everyone: Less Waste, Less Costs, Less Co2, Less Impact



So what’s all the buzz about?

i4F Be-Lite is a thermoforming technology that, depending on panels’ core thicknesses and i4F Be-Lite shape used, uses up to 20% less raw materials during the panel core manufacturing process. This differs to other existing material savings techniques that remove and recycle materials after the panel production process creating more costs and CO2 emissions linked to transport and recycling of scrap.

The resulting, lighter SPC panels maintain optimum performance while easily reducing, up to 5% of a panel’s total manufacturing raw material costs, as well as decreasing transport costs by up to 6%.