Make a splash with
i4F AquaProtect

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Jan 25, 2023

Make a splash with i4F AquaProtect

Water swell-resistant impregnation technology for laminate

i4F AquaProtect is a high precision, resource-saving impregnation technology that protects laminate-core HDF boards from water swell by up to 75%, increasing dramatically overall water-resistance.
  • Delivers the same moisture-resistance performance as standard laminate-core HDF board with a 20% higher resin content
  • Fully compatible with existing laminate manufacturing lines
  • Seals joint edges of both V-grooved and non-V-grooved laminate panels
  • Works with all floor locking systems
  • Meets all recognized international laminate water-resistance standards and tests, including NALFA and ISO 4760
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Jan 24, 2024

Jufeng chooses i4F drop-lock and AquaProtect technologies as core differentiators to enter laminate flooring market

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